Unofficial AFC BOURNEMOUTH site Tales From The South End was established back in 2000 and is one of the longest running fan sites dedicated to the mighty AFC Bournemouth.

Created out of a desire to improve my web design skills and talk about the club I love. The original idea was to regale tales of the fans memories and greatest moments.

It was inspired by an incident in the old South End. At half-time in a half empty stand the chap four steps in front was vigorously scratching off the winning layer off his scratchcard. His hand was in the area of the crotch and it looked like he was furiously doing something that would make him go blind. And something he should be doing at home.

Then we thought ‘I wonder what other tales that the fans had to tell’. Funny, sad, boring, mesmerising we wanted to hear them. The stories were in short supply, didn’t have Facebook, Twitter or any other social media back then, so we decided let’s give our opinion on everything AFCB.

The web design skills got better, the old South End disappeared, the team got better and here we are seventeeen years later still spouting off our opinion on the mighty AFC Bournemouth. Enjoy