Lee Bradbury signs new 3.5 year deal

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Lee Bradbury has pledged his allegiance to AFC Bournemouth by signing  a new, and improved, 3.5 year deal. 

Eddie Mitchell told the Daily Echo: “We have watched him go from a player to a manager and we have worked well with him. He is somebody that will listen, take advice and learn”.

“The signings he has brought in have been fantastic. He has accepted a couple of lads that both Tom (Mitchell, director) and myself put forward, which were Sheringham, Fogden and Bowles. That has been a combination of us having the knowledge of those players and Lee trusting our knowledge. I think everyone would admit they were bargains”.

“Lee is quick to learn and he is now producing good football. He is always there, he is always available on the phone and he is playing good football.”

“Tom and myself were talking and Lee didn’t ask for the extension. It was really mine and Tom’s decision to offer him a longer contract, and I think it is a wise move.”

It may not have been Lee Bradbury’s decision to push for a new contract but he was hardly going to turn it down. The club now has an investor who seems willing to invest in new players and pay the wages to match. Most managers would die for such an opportunity and lets be honest he would struggle to get a better job elsewhere.

The new contract is for 3.5 years, considered a long deal by some fans on Twitter:

 absolutely insane, at a time when ave length of time in lower div post is 18mths, to give him 3.5 yr contact.  

 like bradders but whats the point in extending his contract? 

 I’m happy Bradders has signed on, and he’s definately warming to me. But 2015… Gunna take me a time to make my mind up on that! 

Strange, when a player or that fans are not so keen on they seem to think that they will fulfil the full length of their contract. Yet, when its someone they want to stay, ie Marc Pugh, they start panicking even when they still have a year and a half left on their contract.

If Bradders is a success, he will probably leave for pastures new. Its almost inevitable, even ‘King Eddie’, Bournemouth through and through, couldn’t resist the lure of a so called bigger club and more cash.
Bradbury’s desire may only be satisfied by competing for the Championship play-offs and the promised land of the Premiership. If he gets us there how much will we love him then. A lengthy contract also works well for the club. Should he decide to leave, the club will be entitled to a better compensation package.

Conversely, if he proves to be a failure he will probably get the sack.

Whatever happens, the next few years are destined to be some of the most exciting times seen at the club. Whether Mr Bradbury is there or not it doesn’t really matter.

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